The Technology of Today: How it influences our society

Technology, we use it everyday. It’s in your room, in your school, even in your hamster’s cage! But what is it really? What is technology really? Well almost everyone interprets it as a different thing. Some people refer technology to all the mechanics and robots and computers that exist but, for the case of this article we will refer to a different meaning. Technology, in simple terms, is any appliance that humans can use, that nature can not create. So yes, this could be an iPhone or a laser pen, but it could also be an ax or even a sharpened stick, which was probably hyper-modern 2 million years ago.

So, how does it impact us then? Well, let me phrase it like this: Imagine a world in which humans can create nothing and have created nothing, you can only walk around, kill animals, gather berries and drink water. In addition you can only live in caves or on the ground, have no clothes and have nothing to protect yourself with. How long would you survive? Probably not more than a week if you’re a child, maybe longer if you’re an adult. Without technology our lives would not at all be pleasant, technology keeps us alive and well, keeps us happy, but most of all it makes us the pioneers of today. Thank you.

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What influenced Norway Politically and Economically?

Hey guys (or girls), Olav here,

So for Social Studies we designed a flowchart to show the political and economic influences of a certain country, and surprise, surprise! I chose Norway!🇳🇴

I worked REALLY hard on it and I would love it if you guys (or girls) checked it out! And try to find some commonalities with your countries! Maybe you had the same influences but a totally different political system. Maybe your country is basically the same! Please leave a comment with an answer, I am PUMPED to see what y’all think.

The flowchart reveals that Norway is based off of many modern ideals. Norway has, for example, many influences of social equality (John Locke, Liberalism, ETC.) as well as Economic/Political equality (Communism, Representative Democracy, ETC.).


Here is a link to the FLOWCHART(Please check it out and gimme FEEDBACK!!👍)

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How do I learn best?

Honestly, learning is a hard and confusing process, and finding a strategy that helps clear up some of the difficulties can be a crucial part of improving. However, finding a learning strategy that works for you, can be a real pain in the behind, especially when there so many strategies out there. Some strategies actually help, some can have no effect what so ever, and some strategies can make learning HARDER! Finding an appropriate strategy for you, will often take years, and even when you find a decent strategy, keep looking! There might be better ones out there! For me personally, I am experimenting with taking series of notes and then trying to summarize them in my own words as to get two understandings of them. But the most important thing with finding YOUR OWN learning strategy, is to never give up and not be afraid to take risks.

What is so fun about technology?

Well, according to me, the most exciting thing that technology gives us, is the power to create our own works and share with the whole world. Using the currently available technology, one could easily create a video-game independently, playable by anyone in the whole world. These users can then provide feedback for the game creator, so s/he can produce even better works! One can, as another example, also create one’s own story using a online document. This story can then be sent out to others who can build upon them and create “Fan fictions”, sequels or separate, yet inspired stories. Or, if one wishes to do so, one can send out photos of and talk about one’s life. One can create vlogs and blogs to show other internet users, how the lives of some people are. People can then comment on these blogs with questions, which can lead to a deeper understanding of the lives of others. All in all, technology allows us to create and improve our own works and share them with others to create a wonderful community.

The Birthday!

On the 5th of April 2015 it was my birthday. I still lived in the Netherlands and had waited for weeks for this day to come, and it was amazing! First I awoke i my bed with everyone standing around me. Each person had something. My mom had little apple “cupcakes” that tasted amazing. My dad had one big present and my brother and sister held one each as well for me, of course. We had a breakfast with more  cupcakes and something to drink.

When I went to school I brought a cake and everyone got a slice, my teacher, Mr.C, included. Furthermore everyone congratulated me and wished me a happy day and gave me presents. So generally everything was cool and normal apart from that I got presents and cupcakes and a party with everyone. YAY it was amazing.